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Hello World, my name is Jedidiah River Clemons-Johnson. I love computers, snowboarding, and technology. I am a dreamer, looking to the future for what can be and what I can do. I look forward optimistically with great ambition and desire to explore new ideas and concepts in order to make a better world.

For me, technology is the fuel of humanity, allowing us to define ourselves in ways beyond imagination. It gives us the tools to improve our lives by making them simpler and giving us more time to explore our passions. This is a fact I grow to appreciate more and more every day as my world starts to follow me everywhere I go in the cloud, on my laptop and through my phone.

I have always believed that technology can change the world and make it better. This is hardly an unique view, but for me this drives my actions. This is why I have gone into computer science, as I want to understand the single most profound invention of the modern era. I want to be on the front lines, bringing our future closer to reality, closer to today.

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Nut or the "Nut Utility Tool" was concived of while I was working in an IT role. It intialially meant to run a script and launch a customized instance of TightVNC to match the way it was used in the company. After a while additional uses for a simple utility became apparent, and Nut became a plugin driven utility tool.

Nut is designed to run in the system tray and allow access to installed plugins with a right click on the icon. This is intended to be as simple as accessing basic audio or wifi settings, and provided a consistent expirience across systems.

Nut in it's current state is in an early alpha with a lot of it's functionality to be developed and refined. Once it is complete, there will be a proper web interface for finding and installing plugins, as well defined plugin interface

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Iom is taken up as an expirement with audio, and an attempt to becomes more comfortable with the Haskell programming language. The program is designed to take an MP3 file and flip the compressed audio portions of the file and flip the bits around to create a "flipped" version of the audio file. The program at the moment crashes when run.

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JenFacebook is a plugin designed to allow jenkins to post build statuses to a connected facebook profile. Still under development.

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